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Valparaiso University-Alumni Hall

Valparaiso University-Alumni Hall


Located in the northwest corner of the campus.


Valparaiso University opened it’s doors to male and female students in 1859. It was one of the first co-ed schools in the nation. The school was founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church.

The University is located just down the road from Graceland Cemetery which is at the intersection of Morthland Drive and Sturdy.

There are little gardens in the cemetery with different titles on them like, "Garden of Eternal Life," and "Garden of the Good Shepherd". As we were driving through the cemetery we suddenly heard the sound of windchimes whereupon we backed up and retraced our steps. We found some windchimes hanging on the tree, which is something we’ve never encountered before. We were initially excited that perhaps we had just had a "personal experience" of the paranormal sort, but it turned out to be a good example of how a little bit of "debunking" can go a long way.


Reports of apparitions of young children running in the halls.


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