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Located at 1111 Main St. in Wayne, Nebraska.

The History:

Named after John G. Neihardt (1881-1973), Neihardt Hall is the girl’s dormitory at Wayne State College. It was named after John G. Neihardt in 1929 by Wayne State College.

The Haunting:

No specific reports of what has happened in the form of paranormal activity. Rather, the Shadowlands Haunted Places Index reported that "a girl killed herself in the basement" and apparently, the ghost has haunts Neihardt Hall named "Cora".


College campuses are often host to reports of paranormal activity. In particular, dormitories tend to be places that are reported to house ghosts or poltergeist activities.

It would be interesting to find out what sort of activity actually takes place at Neihardt Hall. We have not been able to uncover any historical information regarding a suicide in the basement at Neihardt Hall (although it is a plausible story).


Shadowlands Haunted Places Index


1111 Main St. Wayne NE Nebraska United States

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