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Wilber is located on Highway 41, about 40 miles southwest of Lincoln, Nebraska.

The History:

Wilber annually hosts an annual Czechloslavokian festival and boasts it’s status as the Czech Capital of the United States of America.

The Wilber-Clatonia high school educates approximately 270 students. The school is a consolidated system that works with students throughout Saline and Gage counties.

The report in the Shadowlands Haunted Places Index indicated that a student fell off of a ladder in the gym to his death. We have not verified this information, however.

The Haunting:

Paranormal activity is supposedly isolated to the auditorium.

According to reports, people have observe things moving or falling "on their own". Reports of cold spots and feelings of "being watched". Hearing voices and music coming from the band and choir room. Also reports of apparitions.


School are often reported to be haunted locations. If a child actually died in the building, that would add some credibility to the reports, however, we have not yet been able to verify this information.


Shadowlands Haunted Places Index


Wilber NE Nebraska United States

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