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Witches Hollow

Witches Hollow

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  • Date Posted: Apr 29, 2014
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  • Address: Cave City, AR 72521, USA

Cave City, Arkansas

Cave City is a small community of about 2,000 people in Independence and Sharp Counties.

Cave City grows world famous watermelons, so if you happen to be ghost hunting (or witch hunting, as it may be in this case), during watermelons season, try to check out a little of both. Cave City watermelons, are, according to some people, the sweetest in the world.

Haunting and Paranormal Events at Witch’s Hollow in Cave City, Arkansas:

People report seeing a ghost and some creepy feelings at Witch’s Hollow. Unfortunately there is not a great deal of consensus on where this place is actually located. Those who believe they have been there report that it is a frightening and evil place. Feel free to choose from one of the various sets of directions given to Witch’s Hollow below. And if some brave soul out there would go to all of them, post some photos or videos and solve this problem as to the true location of Witch’s Hollow, it would be greatly appreciated!

Witch’s Hollow may be located down Sandtown Road close to Sunset Ridge across from Sandtown.

Other resources say that Witch’s Hollow is located on Welcome Lane.

Still other resources say that it is located on Hilly Village Road.

Yet another resource says it is on Gravelpit/Brewer Road at Lat is 35°5711 Long 91°3035. Go down about one mile on Gravelpit Road and you will see an old trailer on the left, there is a road just ahead on the left. That is supposed to be the Witch’s Hollow area.

Another resource claimed to find Witch’s Hollow at 1306 Dusty Ln in cave city. Travel along Sunset Ridge for about 5 miles and Dusty Ln will be a gravel road to your left. A low water bridge on Dusty Lane is a sign that you’re close to Witch’s Hollow. Some people who have been to this location claim that people live in this house and it is NOT Witch’s Hollow.

And finally, some people claim Witch’s Hollow is in Cushman, Arkansas. According to these people, witches hollow is located about a mile and a half to two miles down Sandtown from Cushman, Arkansas. When you turn onto Sandtown from Cushman, AR go past Thunderhill Lane. It is on a very concealed dirt road that is extremely easy to miss. If you reach Kearby Lane you have gone too far.

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Cave City, AR Arkansas 72521, USA

Cave City, AR Arkansas 72521, USA

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