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  • Date Posted: Apr 29, 2014
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  • Address: Bakersfield, CA, USA

bakersfields downtown five and dime antique mall woolworths building has been known for its nice antique displays and in world war 2 it was used for a bomb shelter and still has the antiques from that time but legend has it that there is a ghost named arnold who rearranges the antique displays at night he also moves toys around the antique mall.


Bakersfield, CA California, USA

Bakersfield, CA California, USA

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  1. I worked in the building in 2002 as a cook in the Barb’s Lunch and More diner. There were rumors of things that happened such as the beds upstairs being messed up during closing night hours or getting trapped in the elevator at least once if you work there; which, by the way, I did get trapped once in the elevator.

    My personal experiences included hearing my name being called above all the other noises. It was very clear and precise, but I could never find who would be calling out my name. It usually was when we were busy during lunch hour.

    Another reoccurring event was very troubling to me. Me and my boss would be in the building before anyone else would arrive. We had to prepare food before we opened and would get there quite early. Within a few hours upon arrival,I would turn my grill on to the lowest notch possible to get the grill warmed up for lunch. Numerous times I would notice that it was turned up nearly all the way and I would tell my boss to please not touch my grill, I would take care of the area. She reassured me that she never touched my area.

    The problem with the grill is that the ventilation ducts had not been cleaned for about 10 years and we were scheduled for the following week. The grease would get hot and melt onto the grill. If you were not paying attention to it and cleaning it consistently, it could catch fire; which is exactly what happened. Soon after the antique mall opened, the grill caught on fire and the entire building had to be evacuated.

    After this incident, I never had the problem with my grill again; but the events that occurred while flushing out the ventilation system were extremely odd; however, I am sure not paranormal related.

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