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The History:

York was established in the 1860’s. Although in the Shadowlands Haunted Places Index, it was reported that “a teacher died there”, I have not found any evidence historcally supporting this statement yet.

When we visited York High School, we were approached by an older gentleman in a pick-up. He asked us what we were doing because recently, someone had stolen the York High School sign. We explained our purpose for being there, took some photos and then went on our way. Be warned that if you visit this location after the sun goes down, people will likely be watching you very closely for any funny stuff.

Parnormal Reports:

Reports of a ghostly figure walking into a classroom. Lights turning on and off mysteriously. According to Shadowlands, the figure will walk into a classroom, turn on the lights, sit down and then mess up the papers from that day.


It seems highly unlikely that someone has actually observed this ghostly figure performing all of these gestures. However, schools are often reported as haunted. There may very well be unexplainable events that have occurred in the school.


Shadowlands Haunted Places Index


York NE Nebraska United States

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